Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chrome OS: A Timeline

I just wanted to note down some dates relevant to my invention of Chrome OS.  You can refer to the original Chrome OS patent on the USPTO site.

July 2006.  Initial prototype of Chrome OS created based on PuppyLinux kernel.  Demo for coworkers and immediate management.

May 2007.  Published first version of Chrome OS to a internal Google company wide mailing list.

June 2007.  Executive management approves full-time head count for project. 'Chromebook' is coined.

August 2007.  Informal talks begin with hardware vendors Asus and HP to partner with Google on a webtop operating system.

January 2008.  Jeff Nelson departs Google for other opportunities.  Talks stall between Google and hardware partners, Asus and HP.

September 2008.  HP and Asus announce plans to move forward (without Google) on their own webtop products.

March 2009.  Google files patent on webtops listing Jeff Nelson as inventor.

September 2009. Google announces plan to launch Chrome OS as open source project.

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1 comment:

  1. An excellent OS, ChromeOS is. In fact I write this comment using a Chromebox.

    Thanks Mr. Nelson! :)