Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Response to Stephen Nichols


I enjoyed your article, but I'm surprised you wrote it based on such poor sources. Both of your sources specifically said, 'I have never heard of this guy or his work', although you didn't bother to point that out in your article. 

I suppose as a journalist, you'd prefer to interview someone in  Managemenent who can tell you in detail how the project started and why my name is on several key patents (filed after I left the company, mind you).  

The people to talk to are:

Brian Rakowski, the first PM of the Chrome project and one of the people who contributed to setting up the original Chromebook project in 2007.

Ben Goodger, who helped us out with the Chrome port of Linux.

Mike Jazayari, the Director of Chrome and someone I worked very closely with on a day-to-day basis. Mike also wrote the business case and ran several of the meetings with executives at Google and partner talks with HP and Asus.

Jeff Huber, the VPE who approved the Chrome and Chromebook projects and granted us an allocation of full-time engineers to build a consumer operating system for the first time at Google.

Larry Page, who contributed useful feedback during the early product definition and prioritized the popular instant-boot feature.