Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who are the creators of Google Chrome?

Tl;Dr It was a team effort. If you want one name, Ben Goodger was the lead and wrote the original design doc.

As Philip mentions, Chrome is based on many open source projects going back about a decade. Hundreds of engineers worked on those FOSS packages.

The Google story began around March 1, 2006 when someone came up with the idea for an April Fools joke that Google was making a browser. That unknown person probably deserves an honorable mention. because they spawned the more serious discussion at Google.

From there the Pm team discussed briefly whether this should be taken seriously.  They decided it was a joke and too much of a distraction.

On March 27, the AFJ was announced to the company.

That immediately spawned a more serious discussion,  primarily on the Google Ideas mailing list that we really should build a browser.  I'm not sure who made the original Ideas list post,  but I suppose they also deserve an honorable mention.  At that point,  several engineers, myself included, started lobbying for Google to actually make a browser. Ben Goodger pointed out that we had several engineers from Mozilla and Netscape. My own point was that Google was increasingly dependant on Javascript and other company's browser platforms. Other engineers pointed out that we also needed a better Javascript engine for search quality,  since the Web itself was also increasingly based on Javascript.

It then went to Product Council, which came back positive mid April, 2006. It was now an official Google project.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What is the easiest programming language/framework/ engine to start making iOS games with?

I am a big fan of Unity3D, which is a cross-platform framework for 2D or 3D game development.  It's primary language is C#, which isn't necessarily my favorite language, but the framework has a number of advantages, including:

Cross platform support.  Write your game once, compile it for many platforms, including iOS, Android, Xbox, web player, and Windows.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Does every Googler own a MacBook?

I haven't worked at Google in a few years. At the time I was there, most engineers were still using Windows or Linux. Chrome OS was in its infancy. I'd estimate only around two hundred engineers used Chrome OS and gave us feedback about it, prior to my leaving Google in 2008.

Macs have become more popular recently since Mac OS is a Unix, and Google is first and foremost of Linux company.

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Will chrome OS dominate the budget laptop market?

The trend we are seeing in Chromebook sales is rather straightforward.

Institutions that switch to using the Google Apps for Work suite of products are very easy to convince to switch to using Chromebooks as well.

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